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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Does God Still Perform Miracles? Part 3 of 3

So let's pick up where we ended last time . . .

When I arrived home from work that night, I found myself still praying and asking God to spare her mother's life; in short, to perform a miracle. She had been on the waiting list for a liver transplant for over a year and it wasn't looking any better.

I went to be feeling defeated; hoping that by some lucky chance God had finally started to listen to my prayers.

The next morning, I entered my classroom, not expecting much of anything but another day of just getting by when the young lady ran in. She was jumping up and down screaming before throwing her arms around me in a tight embrace. Looking down at her, I asked what was going on and she proudly informed me that they'd found her mother a liver and would be operating that night.

I was shocked to say the least.

God hadn't answered my prayers in what seemed like forever but in a few short hours, he had found a dying mother of four a new liver. I think it's safe to say that I wasn't praying for the right things before.

Now I could go on and on all day telling you about how God still does miracles but I wouldn't be doing him justice if I didn't tell you about one that was precious to my heart.

Last November I married the love of my life. I single-handedly planned my wedding in three months with the occasional assistance from my now husband. We decided that we wanted to pay for the wedding ourselves and not depend on any financial help from our parents. For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted two bridal gowns; one with a beautiful train for the ceremony and another for the reception. Being so engulfed in the wedding preparations, I totally forgot to budget for even one wedding dress.

Stupid right? I know, I don't know what I was thinking.

With the wedding looming closer, I honestly thought I would end up in a paper bag walking down the aisle but God had other plans. One day after a visit to the gym with my hunny, we stopped by a bridal boutique to look at their options. (Yes, I know. I took my fiance with me to look at dresses. Second mistake!) We found one perfect dress that was totally me. I fell in love with it instantly. The problem was it had a hefty price tag and I was low on money. We left the shop and  my hope faded as the hours passed. Seeing my doom and gloom mood, my fiance offered to pay for half the dress so I would have the one that I wanted. I was ecstatic! I went back the next day and bought the dress of my dreams.

You may be thinking, that's not really a miracle, and you're right! The miracle happens next.

As the days drew closer for the wedding I started getting a disappointing pit in my stomach. I loved my dress, but I didn't love the fact that my future husband had already seen it. It sort of took the element of surprise and suspense of seeing my walk down the aisle completely away from the day. I decided to be grateful and not make a fuss about any of it. (Only privately to my journal and God).

So about a month before the wedding, I had to take a trip to the church to do the walk through. As the coordinator and I entered the bridal suite, there was a large dress bag hanging on the wall. She apologized for the room being a mess and casually mentioned that the previous bride left her dress there, simply stating, "she had nothing to do with it."

Really? How can you not have anything to do with your wedding dress? That's just weird. I occasionally try mine on and dance around in them. (I even watch tv while eating Oreos in them. I can show her what to do with her dresses. : ))

I guess the shock played across on my face because she laughed, obviously agreeing and then pointed out how she thought the dress would fit me perfectly because the previous bride and I looked to be the same size. At first I was hesistant, not knowing if I wanted to take the dress or if I would even like it. I decided that I would and stuffed it into the passenger seat of my car.

Totally looked like I was transporting a dead body.

When I arrived home, I was so shocked to find that it fit my like it had been especially tailored for me. I turned around in the mirror to find a brilliantly crafted train that I could have only imagined. It was in that moment that I knew my God still performed miracles and cared about every single detail of my life. He wanted His little girl to look like a princess on her big day, and so he provided.

Well those are my happenings of miracles. I hope the past three posts have inspired you to pray for your own. Rest assured that sometimes they happen instantly and other times it feels like God doesn't care, but let me remind you, He does!

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I would love to hear about some miracles that have happened in your life. Feel free to leave a comment or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!