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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How's Married Life?

Originally this article was going to be about my husband and how much I love him and how he makes me proud, but then he went and made me mad. You see, that's just how marriage works. There's the time you kiss the ground your partner walks on, and then there's the moments you want to just kick them in the shins. I mean you still love them, but you hate them just as much at the same time. At the moment, I'd choose the latter. Anger aside, this is about marriage and how I, being a twenty something, am learning to cope. Besides the fact that I'm the only one of my friends that's actually married, I tend to come off as the old hag of the bunch. I must admit that I'm okay with that, I'll take my life of security over my single uncertain days every time.

One thing that does irk me is the constant, daily question of "How's married life?" Now before I start bashing that ominous question, I must admit I first thought it was cute. If someone asked me, I would gush about how awesome it is and how wonderful my husband is and so on, but now it just makes me want to yell, "It sucks!" I mean isn't that what they want to hear? They want to hear that it sucks so they can sit the young twenty something year old down who was "too young," to get married in the first place and wag their finger in my face as they give me the "I told you so lecture." Well guess what all you forty somethings, ask all you want because my answer will still be the same. I love being married and since you asked, I'll be happy to tell you how married life is.

In short, it's wonderful.

Yeah at the start of this entry I was more than aggravated with my husband, but now when I contemplate that that's what they expect me to say, I'm more than happy to prove them wrong. You see, being married isn't horrible. It's the two people in the marriage that can make it either horrible or magical. The need to be in control, to be the one calling the shots, lack of communication, the feeling of being in prison, losing sight of your personal dreams . . . these are the things that make marriage horrible. It's not about what you can take from your spouse or what they can give you, but about what you can accomplish together by working as a team and that's what I aim to address here. I hope through mine and Emad's mistakes and rants, it will help get you through some of your tough times because there will be plenty.

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