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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Now What?!

  Now what?

No one ever said being a twenty-something would be easy; they certainly didn't mention it would be this hard either. Add in the instance that you may call yourself a believer and you can just forget about it. Your life as you know it just went up in flames. The life of a twenty-something is tough, confusing, and all together conflicting. Most days I find myself stuck between wanting to be young again to forget some of my responsibilities, and others wanting to be older in order to gain some sort of respect from my co-workers. I'm sure it doesn't help being the youngest person on staff at a middle school where most of the kids look older than me.

Beside the point,

Why didn't anyone prepare us for life outside of college? We're carried from high school to college, always having a title, a purpose. At first we're the Varsity cheerleader, Student Council president, and then the ever so self-righteous English major and sorority president. When people inquire of our occupation, we proudly announce "I'm a college student," and then proceed to divulge our concentration and after college aspirations. No, we weren't bragging, we passionately believed deep within our hearts that we would make those dreams come true . . . then we walk across the stage.

 All of a sudden we find ourselves plopped right into the real world; no title, no class schedule, and no one asking us our major. The only things left are us, our degree, and our array of dreams we can see beckoning us from off in the distance.

So how are your after college aspirations working out for you?

Mine? Well mine included being a novelist, actress, screenplay writer, movie producer, fashion columnist . . . need I go on? While I'm not saying that these things won't ever happen, I've put them on a shelf in order to answer my calling.

What's that?

Among many things, the answer in short is YOU. My desire is to see every one of my readers grab hold of their lives, challenge their situations, and be everything they imagined they would be. Believe it or not, sometimes our dreams are a lot closer than they may seem, we just have to re-evaluate ourselves and decide that we will get there. How do I know? I know because I'm fulfilling two of my dreams right at this moment. 

One, to spend my days writing.


Two, to help others be the best they can be.

As much as I thought I wanted to do all those other things when I graduated, it took real life experiences and two years post-grad to get here. For me, this is a place of happiness and contentment that after all my searching and applying for jobs, just sort of fell into my lap. All I had to do was do what I love; sit at Barnes & Noble and read magazines.

A lot like many other women, one of my favorite things to do is flip through magazines and just be a part of a different world for an hour or two. To my dismay, on a Saturday afternoon, I found myself stuck between a magazine designed for my mom's generation and a magazine designed for women who only cared about new positioning.

Disgusting! Both publications shall remain nameless.

To sum it up, both were not my style and didn't offer the advice or connection I needed in my life. I found that while they were all a tad bit interesting, I was mostly bored and disconnected. They didn't relate to me or speak to where I am; right here, right now. So I decided right there as I sipped on a Frappuccino that I would create the world I longed for. It wouldn't only be what I needed, but what the women of my generation need. So this site is for you. If you're a twenty something, I want you to feel welcomed, inspired, and loved. Feel free to leave me a note and let me know your thoughts and suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you!