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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What is Style?

Style, an inherent characteristic some women are lucky enough to be born with, while others strive to grasp hold of their very own. Being stylish is every woman's aspiration; whether you have a million dollar budget or a few hundred bucks. In my opinion, every woman deserves to feel and look her best. It's what makes us who we are. As I thought about style, there were a few things that came to mind that for me, really pinpointed what style is.

STYLE is confidence. It's the inkling to know exactly what you want to convey to others, create that image in your mind, and then go out and make that image reality. When you have a sense of style, getting dressed is always about you . . .

Never anyone else.

Take a moment and think of the most stylish person you know. (They don't have to be the most beautiful). What is it about them that brought that person to your mind? Is it the clothing they wear? Most likely not. What makes you notice them is the confidence in which they wear a particular outfit. They walk with their heads high, shoulders back, and everyone notices. They never ask how they look. In fact, they're so confident in their style, they really don't care what others think.

We could all use a dose of that type of confidence. Take my little sister Anna for example. I would describe her style as rock-chic. To culture, she's not the perfect size, but to everyone who meets her, she's absolutely beautiful. She's a curvy, confident beauty with the ability to take anything and make it stand out. I refer to her as my little fashion designer. Recently I gave her an old blue jean jacket I purchased back in college. She was ecstatic to receive the piece and immediately went for her scissors. I stood watching her (eyes popping) as she proceeded to birth new life into that old jacket making it into a tailored vest. I had to admit it was a good idea and twenty minutes later she showed me just how great of an idea it was. She'd put together the fiercest outfit I'd seen in a long time. It wasn't just the pieces that made it great; it was the confidence in which she wore it.

Confidence is what makes you stylish, iconic, and memorable.

STYLE is eternal. To me, there's nothing better than flipping through look-books and seeing the re-emergence of styles from the 1920's, 40's, 50's, and 60's. I adore the old-Hollywood glamour and the impeccable sheath dresses of the 1950's. Watching the film, "The Help," I almost died eyeing the fashions of the housewives. (Although they can keep the big hair). True style is eternal and outlasts any trend. Think destroyed denim, frayed shorts, acid wash, mid-drift showing tees, gauchos, and my friends will kill me for this one, but would someone please stop the TYE DYE!


A true stylish wardrobe acquires and maintains pieces that can be worn year after year. I update my closet regularly, but I always go back to my staple pieces; many of which I've owned for five years or more.

Do yourself and your wallet a favor. Skip the trends and develop your style.

STYLE is respect. I can't think of any woman who is held at high esteem that lacks a sense of style. The way they carry themselves when they walk into a room demands it. The catch is, you will never see them ask for it. It's freely given. Style shows that you care about yourself and the image you project to others. When people notice you care for yourself, they can't help but be drawn to you.

A facebook friend from college recently asked, "Do pretty women have it easier in life?" While some may answer with a lame "Pretty is subjective," I'll be straight forward and say absolutely! (Although, I will substitute pretty for stylish because beauty comes from a full package, not just a face). You may disagree and that's fine but reason with me a little. Who are the women you see at the top of companies, leading organizations, and influencing the world?

The answer is "beautiful," stylish women. Why?

It's because people are more open to learning from a woman who values herself and dresses accordingly. More doors open for these women and amazing opportunities are just thrown at their feet. In short, they advance up the success ladder much quicker because people respect them and the image they're projecting.

Aren't convinced? Okay, here's a little activity for you. Without thinking too hard, read the pairs of names.

Ke$ha or Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Lopez or Lady Gaga
Zoe Saldana or Nicki Minaj

So, out of the pairs, who do you respect the most? Get it now? No matter how much you think others don't care, image is everything and frankly, you should care about your own personal image!

Always remember, style=respect.

What are some characteristics you think embody style? Leave us a comment below.