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Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Not Another Christian"

So you've seen that I'm a Christian. Like most people, you've probably let out a less than enthusiastic sigh and maybe even rolled your eyes, but hey at least your still here. Believe me, when I meet Christians or hear that someone's a "Christian," I have nearly the same response.It's not the title that annoys me or anyone else for that matter; it's the actions of these so-called "Christians." They've made the word dirty and disgraceful. They walk around shoving their beliefs down people's throats and not in a nice way either. It's not out of love or kindness, it's to prove a point, win a "battle," and I like you am sick of it.

We don't need anymore "Christians" who are going to talk the talk but not live out their words in their everyday life. If we're going to talk about loving our neighbors, shouldn't we actually do just that? If someone cuts in front of us on the highway, are we going to speed up and "show them who's boss?" Way to show the love. Not to mention the cross or fish emblem you have attached to the back of your car. Way to be the "light in the world." What about the Christians who are one way in church and then at night they're so drunk, stumbling over themselves, blabbering on and on and making out with some random guy. To them, I have to sigh and roll my eyes harder than you previously did. You're right, not another "Christian." If we Christians are going to make an impact in this world, we need to stop judging and being hypocrites and be an example. If we're going to be a follower of Christ, we need to start living like one.

On the flip-side, there are true geniune Christians. I like to refer to them as the "normal" Christians (We actually refer to ourselves as followers of Christ) and our primary goal is to show the love of Christ. We have been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus by helping others, not casting judgement, and simply meeting people where they are. Whether that be on a street corner downtown, or a close friend in need, our true job is to love and bring others into a relationship with God the father. I hope you will stick around and come to know more about a faith that saves and is more than just another religion.