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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dressing for your age.

Last night, I went on a coffee date with a great friend and talked life and most importantly style. 

As we sifted through several fashion magazines, we gawked, laughed, and frowned at some of this seasons trends. 

That simple activity lead to a conversation that I continued to ponder even after leaving . . .

What trends and pieces are appropriate at different stages of life? 

While they're all fun, flirty, and "in," that doesn't necessarily mean you or I should be wearing them. So for today's Styling Saturday, I thought it would be fun to explore what exactly is appropriate for each age group. 

Let's see where we fall.

Early 20's

 This hands down is the time for fun and excitement. Think bare midriffs, cut off shorts, bandage dresses, frayed, ripped, and distressed denim and the like. In your early 20's you can get away with mostly anything because your young and free, so experiment away. Try to steer clear of classic button-ups and/or pieces that add age. Enjoy your youth! You can don these pieces later.


Mid 20's to Early 30's

In this stage of life, you invariably recognize your sense of style changing. The fun and crazy things you may have worn in your earlier life tend to take on a more teenage appearance and the last thing you want to do is look like a teen. (Unless you're Mariah Carey of course and still holding onto your youth). 

This isn't the stage of midriff showing and the sort; although a little skin is always fun. This stage of life is all about balance. If you're wearing a mini-dress or skirt, opt for a top with sleeves and vice-versa.  Just because you're style is changing doesn't mean you have to walk around completely covered from head to toe. Balance jeans with a flirty top and pumps but always remember classy, never trashy.

During your mid 20's-30's maturity creeps in and along with it a more sophisticated, pulled together style.

mid 20's

Mid 30's to 40's

These are truly your years to shine. At this point you've honed in on your personal style and are completely okay with who you've become. Stay flirty and fun by trying tailored fitting pieces and fun textured skirts. (pleats, gathered, etc). Mid-calf A-lines are flattering and add a great touch of effortless sophistication. 

Don't be afraid to mix fun prints into your wardrobe in order to spice things up a little. Solids may have started playing a huge role in your daily outfits and that's fine too; throw in a silk scarf here and there and watch your look be completely transformed.

mid 30's

Happy shopping!