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Monday, May 14, 2012

Just keep smiling!

I find it funny how we can wake up in the morning, fully fueled, excited, and ready to conquer the world.

We get dressed, have our cup of coffee and just overall feel wonderful about the day ahead of us. Jumping in our car, the train, or taxi, we hum to our favorite song and smile at everyone we meet.

And then it happens.

That one moment, person, or text that just wants to ruin our day. 

Whether it be the rude guy on the train that stole your seat, the taxi cab driver who's driving like a moron, an ex-boyfriend or ex anything that decides 9:00am is the best time to resolve a conflict, or whatever else, don't let people or circumstances rob your joy.

Back when I was a teacher, I would always enter the mail-room and greet my co-workers with a cheery good morning and a smile. They would usually return the greeting and light conversation would ensue. That is until one day I said hello to a fellow teacher while passing her in the hall during lunch and do you know what her response was?

"Why are you always smiling?"

Umm, what?

I mean, who asks a question like that? Would she rather me walk around with a permanent frown plastered on my face?

There will always be that one person, situation, thing, or mishap that happens to try and steal your joy but you be ready for it by simply remind yourself . . .

Just keep smiling!

Happy Monday!