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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gossip . . .

Ever hear of the saying,

"If they gossip to you, they gossip about you?"

No matter how we try to twist, manipulate, or justify it, gossip is just plain awful.

Nothing good ever comes out of it. In fact, all gossip does is breed disloyalty, secretiveness, distrust, and loss of friendships.

Recently, I've become more and more annoyed with women who like to gossip. I'm uncertain if it's the actual act that annoys the bejeezes out of me or the fact that I just fail to see the point in it.

I hate getting phone calls or texts whose sole purpose is to update me on what someone else is doing when frankly I don't care. My outlook is, if they wanted me to know, they would tell me them-self. 

Why on Earth do others feel the need to share intimate details from another person's life as if it were urgent news? 

Gossip is never urgent news!

Don't get my wrong, I like most women have had the gossip bug at one time or another. I still struggle to make sure I'm filtering what I say and that I'm not actively participating in a round of gossip. Even if I have to play dumb when I know darn well the situation, result, and/or participants.

When people know someone's a "gossiper," they tend to shy away from them due to fear of their business being spread to the world. 

Frankly, Facebook does a good enough job at that.

As women, there should be a code of confidence. The confidence of knowing that if someone shares something intimate, personal, or life changing with a friend, it's going to stay with that friend. 

Not come up in casual conversation as a "Oh I heard so and so is . . ."

Is there not a women code? You'd better believe guys have one and they stick to it!

Maybe we should step up and take the same vow.

If you agree, I challenge you to share this article with your friends, sisters, followers, or whoever and then leave a comment below signing the "Virtue Confidence" vow.

Virtue Vow of Confidence

I __________ vow to be a loyal friend to those who entrust
their secrets, heart, and life situations to me as long as it's not life threatening. I will no longer talk about the private matters of others casually, whether initiated by myself or another. Those who come to me in confidence will know that what they share stops with me. I will not be a gossiper, and certainly will not participate in it. If what I'm discussing about another person isn't with the intent of solving a problem, it is my vow to not have any part in it.

This is my Virtue Vow of Confidence.