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Monday, May 28, 2012

Want Success? Do the prep work.

It's no secret that the current two generations are lazy and lack motivation to do much of anything. (Yes, I'm included in this statement). We're the generations of instant gratification. We want it now!

Patience . . . What's that?

Hard work . . . Um no thank you. I'll pay someone else to write my research papers and cut the lawn. I have better things to do. (Facebook!)

We want the nice car, large home, the American Express Centurion Card (the black card) and the job paying in the six figures, but most of us aren't willing to do the prep work that it takes to get there. Unlike the generations before us, we've grown up with the influx, manipulation, and unrealistic fame of reality television. Instead of doing well in school, going to college, launching a business, or starting as someone's assistant, we want to jump right into where we "deserve" to be.

I've read so many articles about success and googled the likes of "the most influential" people of the world only to see a reoccurring theme when asked how they got to where they are today. To no surprise, their answer is always "hard work."

To be honest, every time I see that now cliché response, I have to roll my eyes. I don't want a glossed over answer. I want a step by step story on how you went from poverty to a billionaire Oprah! The funny part is, as I did my hair the other morning, an odd revelation came to me.

In order to be successful in life, we have to be willing to do the prep work.

Let's rewind for a second. You're probably thinking what on Earth does my hair have to do with success. I know, me and my wacky scenarios, but anywhoo. To fully grasp my rambling, you must know that my hair is naturally curly. After years of chemically straightening it, the curls tend to droop and overall just give me a hard time when I want to wear my hair natural for a few months. Now, instead of just washing my hair (Bah) I have to do an entire regiment that takes about five steps to get my hair to its natural curliness. (Stupid straightening).

So anyhow, as I brushed my wet hair, applied the leave-in-conditioner, scrunched, added mouse, and then scrunched again, I realized that the beauty of my hair is determined by how willing I am to do the prep work to get it there. On the days where I skip steps, my curls look limp and crunchy instead of luscious and vibrant and it's the same with life.

In order for us to have any sort of success, we have to be willing to take each step. We can't go through life skipping three steps at a time like we're on a sprint up a staircase to the top. It's in each of those steps that we learn something new, meet important/influential people, develop our character, and ultimately gain the success that will last us a lifetime. (Unlike all those reality TV. stars whose fame, fortune, and success will only last for a little while. Although I do admire the Housewives of Beverly Hills; now those are some women who took the steps to being successful and are now reaping the benefits).

So I ask you . . .

Are you willing to do the prep work in order to get where you want to go? It might include being someone's assistant, making copies, and going on coffee runs, but hey we have to start somewhere right?