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Monday, October 15, 2012

Take the Leap!

Happy Fall my fellow Virtue readers!

Since my last article, I've conquered motherhood (sort of), went back to working full-time, started re-editing my novel, enrolled in graduate work, and have been trying to catch up on sleep. Nevertheless, I'm more than excited to be back. After a plethora of "Where the heck are you?" tweets, emails, and facebook messages . . . Here I am. : )

As I contemplated my next article, the idea of taking a leap kept coming to mind. 

I know usually these types of inspirational articles are reserved for New Years resolutions, but I decided to share a little inspiration anyway.

So many times in life, we're so afraid to take the next step. To start that new adventure, business, club, or maybe even career. No matter how qualified we may actually be, (or even unqualified) we psyche ourselves out before we really ever give anything a try. 

Becoming a mom has really pushed me to my limits; daring me to do things I would have never thought I could do. But with all those sleepless nights, spit-up stained blouses, and piles of dirty bottles, it's pushed me to want to do more. To step out of my comfort zone and take the leap into something new.

If not for myself, than for my son and my husband.

You see when fear stops us in our tracks, we just need to find that one thing that will be our motivating factor.

Take some time and make a list of the things you would like to accomplish. After you've accomplished that, write down what's stopping you from taking the leap to get there. Most of the time the answer will be ourselves.

Now's the time to stop holding yourself back.
Come join me in this new season!

Take a leap!!