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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Set the World on Fire

This past weekend I had the privilege of seeing the artist Britt Nicole in concert.

If you've never seen or heard of her, I suggest you look her up. Not only is her music AH-mazing, the message she sends goes straight to the heart and challenges its listener to DO and BE better.

As I sang track after track, the words began to take on new life for me. Yeah I'd heard the songs regulary, sang the lyrics daily, and blasted her music until my eardrums hurt but there was more that God wanted me to get out of that concert. 

When I started "Virtue," I wanted to create a clean format where women could come, get help, hear about the things no one else would talk about, and to just provide a new perspective to an overlooked generation. (the 20 somethings) 

As I wrote each article, I felt myself holding back, not saying exactly this or that because I was afraid how I'd be perceived or who I would offend.

But to be honest, isn't that exactly what's wrong with society now?

Everyone's so worried about being politically correct that we tip-toe around subjects, fearing if we say the wrong thing all hell would break loose. Well, maybe it's about that time.

I mean, what do I have to lose?

One of the very first songs I'd ever heard by Britt Nicole is called "Set the World on Fire." I remember listening to this song about four years ago as a fresh college graduate, unsure of my future and the plans God had for me. As I listened to the lyrics, tears streamed down my face as I contemplated their meaning. 

The opening goes:

I wanna set the world on fire
Until it's burning bright for you,
It's everything that I desire.
Can I be the one you use? 

 I, I am small but  
You, You are big enough 
 I, I am weak but  
You, You are strong enough . . .
As I reheard these lyrics, the weight of my calling pressed down on me. I heard God whispering, "I've given you a mouth that's not afraid to speak against the norm and the influence to go wherever you please. Why won't you use those gifts? I didn't create you to be like everyone else."

It was then that I knew it was my duty to "Set this World on Fire." To use my influence to reach across racial boundaries, prejudices, and stereotypes to reach a world in need.I'm not sure how I'm going to do it, or where God will lead me, but I hope you'll come along for the journey.

We weren't made to be a part of this world. We were meant to change it.



  1. that really is a good song! i first heard when britt was on tour with my sister a few years ago! very inspirational!


  2. Oh my goodness, I love Britt Nicole! Love that song as well!

  3. Going to have to take a listen to Britt Nicole! Inspiring post Vonae! Cannot wait to see where you go from here! I definitely need to take some inspo from you!


  4. Loved this! I had heard this song and never knew who it was and wasn't sure on the lyrics. I am at that point in my life as well. Time to splash a little color in the darkness.

  5. Wow this is really lovely post - and the song is incredible. I'd never heard it before!

  6. Awesome post, amazing song and great post! =) Keep it up and cant wait to see what else God will use you to do as you minster to world through your wrtings!