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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Styling Saturdays: Core Essentials for every wardrobe.

As promised we're back for another installment of Styling Saturdays!

Don't you just love talking about fashion and getting the chance to shop?

I know I do.

Today were going to dive into the core essentials needed for every wardrobe. These are the pieces that you should have in your closet. Think of them as your anchor; the perfect go to items to create and recreate a new look. The worse thing you can do for your wardrobe is constantly go out and buy something new every time you have somewhere to go.

One, it's a waste of money
two, you'll probably just wear it once and then it'll disappear into closet oblivion.

Our goal is to take you from impulse buying to building a wardrobe you can love, maintain, and cycle through for many years to come. In order to start building a solid wardrobe, start with these items:

1. The LBD (Little black dress). Every women should have a little black dress. It can go from work, dinner, church, and just a stroll out for ice cream. (Not to mention black helps us all look thinner). I tend to have more LBDs than what's common, but I like to purchase them in different materials. If your budget allows, think of purchasing one in cotton, chiffon, and or polyester. Here's what we found:

Shop the look at Forever21

Just for fun
Shop the look at Macy's by MM Couture

Work & Meetings
Shop look at H&M
Shop look at H&M

2. The next essential is the classic white shirt. We recommend both a relaxed version for times of comfort and a classic white button up. Think:

Shop look at Francesca's Collections
Shop look at H&M
 3. Durable/Classic denim. The key to picking staple jeans is to think long-term. Jeans that have certain washes, rips, or distressed areas won't transcend time. While it's perfectly fine to have those types of jeans in your closet, be sure that your staple jeans are classics. Think dark boot-cut jeans, skinny jeans, and or straight leg pants and then go from there.

4. Cardigans. Every closet needs to include cardigans. They are an easy way to go from work to play. Start with the basic colors like white, cream, and black. Once you have these staples have at it and splurge on fun colors.

5. A classic blazer. We love the fact that blazers have become a huge part of women's fashion. They have the power to instantly add a pop to an outfit (think a chic red blazer) or provide an element of sophistication. H&M has a mass section dedicated to them. Pure joy!

6. Nice slacks. Yes we said it! Every closet needs a nice pair of black pants. If you're not into the whole business style pant, try a skinny leg style. 

7. A pair of white jeans or two. : )

8. A classic black heel. There's nothing more exciting than buying the shoes that make you drool. Believe me those must have "unique" pumps get me every time, but make sure your closet includes a classic black heel. I try to keep a rounded toe (in both Patent and regular leather), pointed toe, and a peep toed pair in my closet. 

Once your closet is filled with these core essentials, you can feel free to add wonderfully, stylish, and chic blouses, dresses, shoes and most important of all . . . Accessories!

Did we forget anything? Share your closet must haves below!