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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who will your journey inspire?

Have you ever found yourself lost while driving somewhere? One wrong left and all of a sudden you're turned around for hours.

The worst is being in a city your unfamiliar with all together; having just moved there or simply visiting. It can be so frustrating not to mention time consuming, driving around in circles trying to find your way. In that time you may have found some new restaurants, taken in some gorgeous scenery, or simply have had your patience tested.

But isn't that how life is?

God has a way of taking us on these "journeys."

Sometimes they're short, but other times, it can seem like we're trapped in the wilderness for eternity.

Take me for example.

My journey after college involved me becoming a teacher. Not just any teacher, oh no. God decided to make me a middle school teacher of 6th graders! Everyone who asked what I did would shake their head in utter disbelief or simply comment "bless your soul." The latter comment was one I chanted everyday as I dragged myself into the classroom.

At the start of that journey my question was "why God why?"

Being a teacher wasn't part of the plan. I was supposed to become a popular Young Adult novelist or fashion stylist. Teaching was a severe detour of the road I wanted to be on.

I trudged ahead on that journey and I have to admit sometimes my attitude was awful. I cried every night and complained to my friends daily about how unhappy I was. After all, didn't God love me?

It wasn't until I started asking the right question, "what God what?" did he give me a glimpse of His plan. He knew the connection I had with my students because I was the young, hip teacher. He knew exactly how He  was going to use me to inspire their lives, I just had to start looking at my journey through a different windshield.

Once I received a fresh perspective I decided to take my cool teacher status and influence my students' lives. This took the shape of bringing them breakfast, snacks, going to their games, talking with them about personal issues, and finally starting a non-profit that would aim to teach them the foundations of leadership, etiquette, academics, and the importance of determination.

I could have never done these things, or cared about students who weren't my children had it not been for my journey.

So my question to you is, who will your journey of faith inspire? Who is God calling you to reach out to and touch?

Why does He have you in your current situation?

When we start asking the right question "what God what?" instead of "why God why?" He will be sure to answer us.

Here are a few ways to start identifying your "what":

1. Simply ask 
(Jesus tells us when we ask we shall receive according to His good and perfect will for our lives).

2. Identify what your heart breaks for 
(what cause truly pulls at your heart? Is it human trafficking, helping at-risk youth, abused animals?)

3. Look for ways to get involved

4. Be patient in your journey 
(mine took an entire two years! Wait scratch that, I'm definitely still on it).

5. Share your story with others. 
You never know who you'll inspire to take a leap of faith.

Here's a video I found on one of my favorite blogs Captivated by Grace that will show you how our journey can impact others. 

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