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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Find your staple store(s)

It's Styling Saturday and time to have fun!

Since we now have our core essentials, the next step in building a fantastic wardrobe it to find your staple store and/or line.

What is a Style Staple Store? A triple "S" is a store that the key pieces in your wardrobe come from. It's the store you depend on to define your style and create your overall look. It's the first place you shop and love with all your heart. I mean why shop somewhere you don't love? You may think you don't need a "SSS" but having one or a few will save you a lot of time, heartache, and shopping burn out.

Besides, celebrities have their own "Staple Designers," why shouldn't you?

I myself have three staple stores and without a doubt most of the items found in my wardrobe are from them. I won't tell you what they are just yet, I'm saving them for the future "Style Staple Store" of the Month, so stay tuned.

To kick off our first "SSS of the Month," I took a little adventure to Marshalls.

Now I must admit that previously I wasn't a fan of these types of stores. For me, I love tiny, color-coordinated, boutique style stores but Marshalls proves its worth. A tiny treasure trove, if you have the time to look, you'll be surprised at what you can find at many price points.

With my newly acquired styling budget, (Thank you hubbs) I set out this morning to see what I could find, and find I did.Coming in way underneath my budget, my total at checkout was $54.

Here's what I found:

In honor of Spring I chose pastels and tons of bright colors.

Fun dress for only $7

Can't wait to mix this bright shirt with corals, oranges, and pinks.
Has a great gold shimmer. Only $3!

I love bright pinks, especially when they're only 3 bucks!

Check back on "Styling Saturdays" during to see how I mix my olds with the news.

 So how can you get started?

The key to building your wardrobe using a "SSS" is to:

1. Set a budget

2. Shop early (Anytime before 11:30am. That's when the best deals are available and the store is still intact. I hate shopping over-picked items).

3. Remember your core essentials and keep them in mind as you shop.

4. Know your true size. (We're not picking things to small for us in hopes we can fit them later. Having a stylish, wearable wardrobe is about picking things you can wear now. Hence the word "wearable.")

5. Hit the clearance rack first (These items tend to disappear instantly. Besides, the regular priced items will be there when you're done).

6. Don't worry about trying things on at this point. The object is to search and acquire.

7. Hit the newly arrived items. (Stay away from designs that you've seen over and over. Why would you want to look like everyone else? With other stores, you can keep up to date with their new arrivals by simply browsing their site).

8. Check the designer racks. 

9. Pick up some items that are a little daring for you. (Try it on, you never know if you'll love it or not).

10. Take a break and try on your choices before moving to accessories and shoes. (The goal is to fully cover one area. Don't roam from shoes, to clothes, to accessories, have a plan. You may miss out on something great if you don't).

11. Venture into accessory and shoe land.

Happy Shopping!

Leave us a comment and tell us about your favorite "Style Staple Store." We'd loved to feature them here with a month of styling!