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Friday, March 2, 2012

10 ways to keep the LOVE in your relationship

If you're a hopeless romantic like me, it can be way too easy to fall in love. All it takes is that first stroll on the beach, sweet text messages before bed, or a surprise visit from your beau with your favorite latte right when you needed it the most to send your heart spiraling down lover's lane.

It's those little things that make us fall in love in the first place and boy do we fall fast. The reality is that as fast as we can fall in love, we can fall out of love just as quick.

As I fall in love with my husband more and more each day, I pondered just exactly what it is we do in order to stay in love. I came up with ten things that I hope you'll enjoy and maybe implement. Here they are!

1. Light some candles! 
(There's nothing more romantic than having a candlelit dinner with your honey. Don't save the candles and rose petals for Valentine's Day, keep the romantic feeling all year round. It takes about five extra minutes).

2. Travel Together
(Oh the places we will go! There's nothing more fun than discovering new places with the one you love. My husband and I travel a lot and it's usually together. We love visiting new cities to explore their culture, food, and most importantly their shopping!)

3. Take a bike ride on the shoreline (or a scenic bike trail) and stop for some yummy ice-cream.

4. Leave cute little notes around the house.  
(These don't have to be long and extravagant; just a little something to say "hey, I was thinking about you." My husband works late so I like to leave him colorful notes on our front door. He loves it when the notes are accompanied by his favorite candy; gummy bears).

5. Surprise him by being compromising.
 (When I went from being the stubborn wife to a more flexible partner, my husband was truly shocked. Read our back article on why compromise is good for a relationship).

6. Let him be right.
(I know I know, it's hard to let someone be right when we know they're wrong. And believe me, they're wrong a lot but why fight about it. What are you really going to gain? Let him be right and have a relaxing time. : ))

7. Wrestle one another.
 (This list is getting pretty crazy huh? But hey it works. My husband and I have been wrestling each other since we were twelve years old and we still enjoy it. He even bought me a pair of pink boxing gloves that I love to put on when he's really in trouble. There's something about the contact and playfulness of wrestling that really gets the love flowing. Just make sure you're very careful. It's also a blast to see who's going to win. I usually do. hehe) 

 8. Make it a priority to go on a date once a week.
(Get dressed up, throw on some make-up and act like it's your first date every time. Aim to impress!)

9. Cook his favorite meal or create something from his favorite ingredients.
(My husband loves bananas so for breakfast the other day I surprised him with banana pancakes. He loved them and even made the comment that he felt spoiled! What?! Amazing!)   

10. Spoil your hunny!
 (Go out of your way to make him feel special. Even if that means ironing his clothes for work or stocking the fridge with treats he would never expect. I like to surprise my husband with things like cases of RedBull or a jar stocked with gummy bears. It shows him that I went the extra mile to make his heart's desires available at his finger tips).

What are some ways you keep the LOVE in your relationship? Share your tips below!


  1. I think I'll try leaving cute notes around that house. That sounds like fun =)

    - Sarah

    1. It really is. I break out my marker sets and go to town. Hehe : )

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I am in love! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! I am your newest avid follower!


    1. Aww thank you so much! I really truly appreciate it. : )

  3. i love these tips! especially number 7! haha you gotta have that type of fun with your hubby, wify's got guns too!

  4. I love it... I will use these tips..