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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Asian themed birthday party!!

Hey everyone!

In honor of Tuesdays, the day of the week that seems to just "be," I've decided to do a feature called "Random Tuesdays." Usually I take a break from writing and creating on Tuesdays but there's so much I want to share I figured why not? 

So on Tuesdays, you'll be able to find one of the following features:
1. Home and party Decor
2. DIY projects
3. "Oh the places we will go." -Travel and destinations or
4. Whatever else has inspired me. : )

For my first "RT" I decided to share pictures from my Asian themed birthday party. I wanted fun, vibrant, girly colors so I went with a bright pink accented by golds and yellows. 

The menu included:
1. Dumplings
2. Chicken eggrolls
3. Spring rolls
4. Pork eggrolls

Main Course: (which I made from scratch for all 17 guests : ))
1. House fried rice
2. Mongolian Chicken
3. Jasmine Rice
4. Teriyaki glazed chicken skewers

1. Blackout Cake from The Cheesecake Factory

Enjoy the decor!

Sorry the photos are a little grainy. I was so busy I forgot to take photos. 
Good thing my guests came to the rescue!

Have a wonderful day!