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Monday, March 19, 2012

Appreciate the small things.

I'm so excited to be back from my little birthday hiatus. 

Although it's only been four days, it's felt like an eternity for me. 

Could I be obsessed? 

I think not . . .

As I wrapped up my birthday and indulged in my many gifts, there was one thing that stuck out to me the most. 

Yes I received some fantastic gifts and surprises, but that's not what made my birthday special. 

What made it and everyday of my life special are the small, thoughtful things that are done for me; the things I didn't expect, ask for, or even remember I wanted.

For example, my father-in-law knows how much I've been wanting to put a garden in the backyard. I've seriously been wanting to do it for over a year but just haven't gotten around to it. (That and everything I try to grow and maintain dies) 

So what did he do? He took matters into his own hands. 

Coming by our house early Saturday morning, he pulled my husband out of bed and made him accompany him on his mission to buy me flowers. I thought it would be another floral bouquet (I had already received like seven) that I had no idea where it would go,  but to my surprise they came back with a beautiful rose bush. 

To say I was delighted is an understatement.

You see, my in-laws speak mostly Arabic so our communication is quite limited, so for him to remember that I wanted a garden and then be determined to get me just that brought tears to my eyes. It wasn't the gift that mattered, it was the thought. The knowledge that he cared enough to remember.

He cared about the "small things."

The funny part is, most people who meet me think I'm some ultra-privileged woman who has to have the best or I'll throw a hissy fit. 

This sentiment always offends me because it's simply not true. I don't need a new pair of diamond earrings or a Louis Vuitton bag to be happy. 

My happiness comes from God and the small, wonderful, little things that happen to me everyday.

Things like:
The beauty of the sun
My husband replacing the toilet paper roll or refilling the soap dispenser
Ducks swimming in the lake
A thoughtful note or comment from my readers
A new day
Friends and family
You . . .

You see, when we start to appreciate the small things in life that's when we truly start to live. Yes big shiny gifts and gestures are fun, but they only last for a moment. The shiny gifts become old/rusted and the big grand gesture becomes old news if not topped by something more magnificent. 

Get my point?

It's the small things in life that are memorable. 

You know, the little text throughout the day just to make sure you're okay. The special cooked meal when you arrive home from a grueling day. The affirmation that you're doing a great job at this or that. A bike ride on the beach as you watch the sun set over the ocean. I could go on and on . . .

So which side do you find yourself on?

Are you the demanding diva or the appreciative admirer? 

Believe me, the latter is better.

I hope you will take today to learn to appreciate the small things.
 Let go of all the big "NEEDS" and demands and just be happy. 
Your life will be better for it.