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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Look for WAYY less.

I'm really excited about this post. 

On a daily basis, I look at tons and tons of fashion magazines. I literally get two or three in the mail everyday that get thrown on top of my "to look at" pile. One thing I really love about looking at these awesome glossies, is the variety of outfits they feature. 

As I page through, I dismantle them one by one, pulling page after page of things I want to recreate. Being a savvy shopper, I always find myself laughing at the featured "Look for less" articles because more times than none, the outfit still costs nearly two hundred bucks! 

Sorry but that's not really less. 

So with that mind frame, I decided to do a feature called "The Look for WAYY less." 

This was my husband's first time behind the lens and my first shoot as a seven month pregnant woman. (A tad bit hard to hide the bump). : ) 

Hope you enjoy!

The challenge:
My take for $40: