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Monday, March 5, 2012

Be uniquely you . . . NOT someone else.

Have you ever tried to be someone else? 

The popular girl.

The stylish one.

The famous starlet. 

The novelist that gets all her books published. (Lucky her!)

The woman that everyone envies?

I'm sure at one point we've all been guilty of emulating someone or another. Secretly hoping we could have what they have, or do what they're doing.  

Sometimes we find ourselves imitating others without even realizing it; rather good or bad.

Don't get me wrong. There's absolutely nothing wrong with imitation if it's making you a better person all around. As the old saying goes, "Imitation is the best form of flattery." To me it's the assurance that the person you desire to emulate is doing something right and that's fine.

The problem is when we become so enthralled with another person that it starts to change our dreams, desires, and outlook for our lives. We begin to be molded into this person we don't even know. 

Believe me, I'm guilty of this as well.

While it's great to recognize others and their goals, accomplishments, and outlooks, we need to always keep who we are at the forefront of our minds. Once we loose that vision, we're heading down a dangerous path. 

A wise person once said, "We cannot walk in the path destined for another." 

How true that is. What one person maybe good at, we might not be. A door or opportunity that's presented to a friend just may have been a better fit for them. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with us. It just means it wasn't our destiny to walk in.

Take me for example. I'm the second of four children. Three vivacious girls and one smooth talking male. My sisters are absolutely wonderful. (My brother is too but he's not apart of this example). I consider them to be my best friends and I look up to and adore different qualities from each of them.

Sister number one is the oldest and boy what a woman she is. She has two stinking adorable kids and a husband that loves her and the children with all his heart. She's a petite 5'5 police woman who had two all natural child births and could totally kick someone's butt. (Not mine of course. Hehe) It's safe to say she's one tough cookie. I could only wish to be that tough, but I know that I hate pain and there's no way I would feel safe driving the streets and carrying a gun. So instead of trying to become just like her, I acknowledge that we're different. She is physically tough and I am mentally. We are different and that's okay. We sharpen one another.

Sister number two is my youngest sister and she is a complete spitfire. She like me is of the Pisces breed and is a feisty one. I've talked about her here before and I will again because she's worth mention. My soon to be seventeen year old sister, is the daring fashionista of the bunch. Think of her as the Carrie Bradshaw to my Charlotte. She can pull of the highest of fashions and is very eclectic.  I on the other hand love laces, sheath dresses, stripes, pinks, bold colors, and the like but am very classically chic. While I love her boldness when it comes to fashion, I know I could never pull off things like that. I wouldn't feel comfortable in them. It's just not me and that's okay. But man do I love to see her in full action! Amazing!

Get my point? 

I love who my sisters are and admire them, but always always always stay true to myself; Vonae. Sure I could go workout and take kick boxing classes, but would that make me as tough as my older sister? 


Or I could have my little sister dress me in her daring fashions, but would that make me confident enough to wear it?


My challenge to you is to admire those around you, but stay uniquely you. God created all of us in a special way. He never intended for me or you to try to be like someone else. What a boring world that would be. 

Being unique is one quality I've always loved. When my parents would ask me why I was so different my answer would be, "Because you named me Vonae." I am proud of me and I hope you will be proud of the person you are.

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Have a virtue filled day!