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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Styling Saturdays: Create a style that's all your own


It's no secret that fashion blogs are dominating the internet and changing the face of the industry forever. 

They're everywhere you turn, becoming a plague that I'll call style leprosy.

With so many options to visit and gawk over, it's becoming increasingly harder to distinguish our own personal style with that of some gorgeous fashionista we follow religiously on the web.

I'm not trying to throw down the fashion gavel because I'm just as guilty as charged. I love clicking through to new sites and salivating over the meticulously styled outfits; the vibrant colors, glossy shots, and always Ah-mazing shoes!

I mean what's not to adore? 

Do you really want the answer?

The not so adorable part is when we find ourselves exclusively shopping for pieces to look just like our favorite fashion blogger, only to get home and realize, "This is totally not me."

Has this happened to you recently?

I  must admit I was slapped by the "That's not you," reality fairly quickly; courtesy of my husband.

It was time to take back my fashion reins. 

And take back I did.

Think of all the fashion icons of old and new. Are they simply dressing themselves to what the masses say they should wear? Absolutely not, it's what makes them iconic. They're bold, beautiful, classic, and daring. They don't hover over fashion vomit, they acknowledge it, appreciate it and then create a style of their own. 

We need to relinquish ourselves from the style leprosy and learn to incorporate, never imitate. 

Here are some ways to get started:

1. Find what YOU like. 
2. Make a piece all your own. 
(Sure you may have seen it on a fashion site, but that doesn't mean you have to wear it the exact same way).
3. Don't be afraid to channel past decades.
 (These were truly exciting times in fashion, have fun!)
4. Be playful and flirty with your style.
5. Make your outfits alluring.
6. Get dressed for you first and foremost.
7. Try a bold lip that becomes iconic to you.
(Think of Marilyn Monroe and her red lip or more recently, Corri McFadden and her bold, fun, pink ones).
8. Live in your style and love it!

How do you create a style that's all your own? 
Sound off below!