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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Project: Create a sitting area.

Happy Random Tuesday!

Today I decided to do a DIY post on creating a sitting area in your home. I've always loved these in magazines, stores, and coffee shops so I jumped at the opportunity to create one of my very own.

Our sitting area. Family portraits will go above the two wing-back chairs.
 When my husband and I decided to redecorate our living room, I was ecstatic! 

Well that was until he requested that it look more modern than the original "cottage by the sea" theme we had. 

My mind automatically went to hard plastic see through coffee tables, funky looking chairs, shaggy rugs, and everything else trendy and hip you'd find in an ultramodern house. His taste is glass and white everything while I'm a Simply Shabby chic antique princess at heart. 

I guess I'm a creature of my surroundings because my dad was the antique type as well. He even dressed the part with fedoras and black & white Italian oxfords. He was a man straight out of a gangster movie. 

Unknowingly, I picked this sense of style up along the way and love incorporating antique style pieces throughout my home.

In order to compromise, my husband picked the new living room color and the couch which is leather. (I hate leather!) 

With the walls being painted a lovely muted gray, I went to work creating my little antique section of the living room; the quaint sitting area. 

The first obstacle was finding the perfect accent chairs. 

When starting this project, I had no idea how much they would actually cost. I thought I could make out with spending $80 a pop for my dream chairs, but boy was I kidding myself. The accent chairs I like on the low end were about $400 and the high end were just outrageous!

So what's a girl to do?

I hit up good ole Craigslist. 

Being that we live in the treasure chest of the world with the likes of Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Celine Dion, and so many more people living in our immediate area, finding anything your heart desires is a short trip to the consignment store or to Craigslist. 

It's truly insane.

As I scoured the internet, I wasn't initially looking for wing-back chairs until I came across the style and knew they would be perfect. These are the one's I found. 
Uncovered chair
They were a part of an estate sale so we were able to nab them at $75 for the pair. Total steal!

The next obstacle was to reupholster them. Once again, I underestimated the cost. My mouth dropped when I was informed by several re-upholsterers that it would cost me about $350 to recover each chair and that wasn't including materials! I was absolutely devastated! It would cost me way more than the chairs were worth, but then Divine intervention happened. 

On a trip to Target, I just so happened to wander down an aisle that had slip covers on it. Seeing the millions of red clearance tags, I peeked around just to see if I could find a good deal. 

A good deal I found indeed! 

There it was, a wine colored wing-back chair cover for $18 originally $89! 

I didn't even know they made chair covers for those types of chairs! I was in heaven.

All the accent pieces I found thrifting and at stores like Steinmart and Ross. When my husband saw the finished product, he was thoroughly impressed at my little addition of antique to his modern. 
Stick to three accents per tabletop.
Hand-sewn pillows courtesy of my mother-in-law. Fabric is from Jo-Ann's.
Shabby Chic table found on Craigslist
Wall clock from Ross $20
So a place I created for me, has become a chic little place for us.

Here's what I used:

2 Antique Wing-back chairs
1 White Shabby chic side table
2 Hand stitched throw pillows
2 Wine chair covers
1 floral centerpiece
1 stack of monogram coasters
1 Accent clock

Total: $200

What you'll need:

A clear area off to the side of any room.
1-2 Accent chairs
1 side table (On the higher side)
3 focal points with the center being the standout piece (I haven't added the two side pieces just yet)
2 Accent pillows
3 decorative pieces for your side table. (Don't do anymore than three because it starts to look cluttered).


1. Arrange the sitting area in a small corner or along a wall in your chosen room.
2. The side table is the focal point, so your main focal point piece should go directly above it.
3. After you've located your center, add the accent chairs, facing just a tad towards the side table. You want to create the environment of a quaint reading area.
4. Add any pops of color or accents to complete your look.
5. Enjoy!!