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Friday, June 28, 2013

Just be quiet already!

I realize I haven't written about marriage and relationships in a while so I think it's about time.

It was fun writing the marriage series, but boy has things changed since I first wrote those articles. We have a little one now who for all intents and purposes is anything but little. He's a spitting image of both my husband and my worst qualities, bless his little heart. It's funny how God will show us ourselves through such a little person. If only he knew how much he's making mommy and daddy become the better versions of ourselves. 

The funniest thing happened to me on Sunday as I was preparing to go to church. Well, maybe funny isn't the best word . . . Interesting? 

No that's not it either but anywhoo.

Over the past year, for some reason I've come to the conclusion that my husband could do a better job at I don't know, being a husband? I watch him un utter disdain sometimes, critiquing how he washes bottles, the outfits he pick out for our poor unsuspecting son, and the list goes on.

Yes, I've become that woman. Yuck.

So on Sunday as I woke up at 7:15am, jumped in the shower and started to iron my clothes, my wonderful hubby grumbled through his sleep, "What service are we going to?"

"9:30 of course I chirped, continuing my preparation." After all, why else would I be awake at this time?

"Can't we go to City Place at 10:30?"

"Um no, we're going to Boynton," I corrected, grumbling under my breath. Did he not remember our call to the Boynton campus? Why on Earth does he keep suggesting that we sin and go to City Place!! Jeesh!

As I was about to let him have it and ramble on and on about how we were supposed to being doing this and why on Earth did he keep suggesting that we go back to Egypt? (An analogy he would probably think I was crazy for using) I heard God say . . .

Would you just be quiet already!!

I was shocked. Really God? Why can't I set him straight. He needs to hear what I have to say. I mean if I don't teach him these important lessons, who will?

Against everything burning inside of me, I walked into our master-bath and kept my mouth shut. Grant it, it was hard, but God had a plan. You see, my husband has been burnt out, working long hours and the last thing he needed was me lecturing him. He needed my love and understanding. Understanding enough to just be quiet!

Avoiding a fight, we got out of the house on time and God even gave me a window to share a little insight. Insight my husband nodded his head at and even laughed a little bit. Not an attack where he would become defensive and then shut down on our way to church.

That would've been very unproductive.

As we sat in church, our pastor spoke the very words I was going to spout off in my "I'll tell you how it is," manner.  By me being obedient to the spirit, my husband was able to hear what he needed to and actually take it and apply it to his life. Praise God that His ways are better than ours.

So will you just be quiet 
and let God do His work in your relationship?