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Monday, July 15, 2013

Quote of the Week

Welcome welcome!

I'm so grateful that you would stop by 
and let me share my latest 
rantings and ravings pondering with you.

This past weekend, 
I had the privilege to sit under John Maxwell's teaching; 
a great leader in well . . . leading.

He's in the process of writing a companion piece to his best selling book 
and shared some of the material he's currently developing. 

As I listened intently to his wisdom and revelations from God, he said something that I absolutely loved.

Hence, this week's quote of the week.

"Elijah knew that God was a wet wood fire lighter." 
-John Maxwell

It's so easy for us to live our daily lives choosing to do what's possible in our own strength. 

Instead of knowing 
whole heartedly that God will 
show up 
when we put our trust in Him, 
we stay in the safe zone. 

Never experiencing the full power of God.

Never having our very own parting 
of the Red Sea moment.

In 1 Kings 18:22-39, 
Elijah shows bold faith in trusting God to be God. 

He's so sure that his heavenly father will show up in power and strength that he instructs the people to completely saturate the wood for a burnt offering with water.

I'm no expert, but it's kind of impossible to light wet wood.

In boldness and faith, 
Elijah trusted God to do the impossible. 

So my question to you is,
Will you step out in faith this week and believe that He will be a "wet wood fire starter?"

I'm praying that you would ask God for boldness to take that very first step.