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About Me

Welcome! My name is Vonae Deyshawn and I'm so happy you've stopped by the site. 
As a teen, I always envisioned myself working for some large magazine in New York 
City, trumping around the office in high heels and spending my days in editorial 
meetings devouring all things fashion. As life changed and I matured, I found myself 
heading down a different road, one not so exciting. It wasn't until a Saturday last
 Spring that it came to me. I could still write about the things I loved; only I wouldn't
 do it on the grand scale I'd always imagined. I would start with a dream, my love for 
writing, and one of my many journals to create something new, personal, and maybe 
even inspiring. 

As a young girl, I always loved writing my thoughts so I could go back and reflect on
 them. Of course back then my journals looked a lot different than they do today.
 (Winnie the Pooh vs. Embellished creations) Nothing was more fulfilling for me than
 to write a few diary entries and then share them with my best friends. Weird? I know.
 It was just something about seeing them laugh, gasp, or tear up after reading my 
inner-most thoughts that brought me great satisfaction.

I spent my time in college, writing many short stories and full length novels before
 graduating with a degree in Creative Writing. I dreamed of becoming a great 
Young Adult novelist and living a life indulging in the art of rhetoric, but instead 
found myself constricted by the art of teaching. While I truly love and still adore 
my students, I began to see my dreams of writing slowly slipping away. Really my 
dream of anything beyond those four classroom walls seemed to be a fleeting 
possibility. After two years, I decided it was my time to move on, recapture my dream,
 and make my husband, family, friends, and most importantly my students proud of me. 
So will you join me on this journey? I'm excited to see where it will take us.